Stud Poker Rules

Stud poker games are some of the more traditional games in the history of poker, and have grown and expanded over the years as poker has developed. Any great poker player has a background in stud, and novice players can improve their skills immensely by learning common stud games. Read the pages below to learn the more popular stud poker rules:


Blind is exactly like normal seven card stud, but every single card is dealt face down. This makes the game much more difficult to play, as you have no idea what other players hold.

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Chicago is one of the more popular stud poker games. It plays just like seven card stud, but there is a twist at the end of each hand: the best or worst hidden spade takes half the pot.

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Eight Card Stud

Eight card stud is a slightly more exciting version of poker than seven card stud, as bigger hands are more likely with the addition of the eighth card for each player.

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Five Card Stud

Five card stud is criticized as being a boring game because big hands are very rare. This is more of an old fashioned version of the game, as most players now prefer exciting games.

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Razz plays very similar to normal seven card stud, but the main difference is that Razz is a low game while seven stud is a high game. This means you want to make the worst poker hand.

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Seven Card Stud

Seven stud is the most popular stud poker game, and is the basis for all other stud games. Each player receives three down cards and for up cards, and the best five card hand wins.

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Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

Seven stud hi-lo (also known as seven stud eight or better) is a variation of traditional seven stud. At the end of each hand, the pot is split between the highest and lowest hand.

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Six Card Stud

Six card stud is exactly the same as seven card stud with the subtraction of one card. This makes the game a little slower, as big hands are less likely with only six cards to play.

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