Community Poker Rules

Community poker games have been all the rage over the last five years. Texas Hold'em is single handedly responsible for the rejuvenation of poker, and Hold'em and Omaha are the centerpieces of the now flourishing online poker scene. The pages below will teach you how to play community poker games, which often include flops or cards for anyone's use:


Cincinnati is a crazy game that provides each player with four hole cards, as well as four community cards. This leads to explosive games because everyone makes a good hand.

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Iron Cross

Iron Cross (also known as Church) is a game where each player gets four hole cards, then has five community cards to work with. This is another explosive game.

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Omaha is a community game where each player receives four hole cards and has to use exactly two of them. There are also five community cards.

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Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo plays exactly like normal Omaha except the pot is split between the highest and lowest hand. Players try to win the whole pot by scooping both the high and low portions.

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Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game in the world both online and offline. Each player gets two hole cards, there are five community cards, and the best five card hand wins.

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