Poker Rules

Poker is your #1 resource for learning how to play poker! We have explained the poker rules for dozens of games, including all of your favorites like Texas Hold'em and Omaha, as well as some rarities like Anaconda and Trees. We recommend browsing around the site to find the poker rules you would like to learn.

Most Popular Poker Games

If you are brand new to poker, you may want to begin by learning some of the more common/popular poker rules. If you learn the games below you will have a nice base for learning some of the rarer games in the future:

Almost every poker game, including the games played at the top poker sites USA, are based off of one of the four above games, so by learning those four games you will be able to pick up any other game relatively quickly. Or, you can browse our entire list of poker rules to see every poker game we explain on our site.

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Poker Rules by Category

If you would like to browse through more of our compilation of poker rules, we have arranged every poker game into a category. You can play most of the games listed on this page at all of the american real money poker sites, with the exception of the community and wild card games. Here are the categories of games:

Draw Poker

Draw poker games typically involve dealing each player a hand of cards, then allowing them to exchange some of their original cards for new ones. Some games allow only one draw, while others allow three or even more. Draw games are often slow compared to community games, but they are very traditional and still have a large player base.

» Learn Draw Poker Rules

Stud Poker

Stud poker games deal each player a hand of cards, and whoever has the best hand wins. There is usually a round of betting as each card is dealt out, so in total, there are often three to five rounds of betting depending on how the game is structured. Stud poker games are usually pretty slow compared to community games or even draw games.

» Learn Stud Poker Rules

Community Poker

Community poker games are the most popular games in the world right now. Community games are fast paced and often build up huge pots. Each player receives hole cards which they can use along with community cards placed face up on the table. Community poker games include Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker.

» Learn Community Poker Rules

Wild Card Games

Wild card poker games take normal games and spice them up by adding one or more wild cards. This helps increase big pots and makes for explosive poker sessions. We recommend wild card games for players who are looking for excitement and thrill. Old timers are better off sticking with Stud or Draw games so they can keep up.

» Learn Wild Card Poker Rules

Other Games

There are quite a few other games that don't exactly fit into any of our other categories, so we compiled them all into this section. These games include oddball games like Guts, which hardly resembles any other poker rules, and Strip Poker, which is just what the name implies. Head over to this section to learn more.

» Learn Other Poker Rules

If you are still looking for more poker rules and game guides, make sure to check out these other poker rules websites.

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