Wild Card Poker Games

Many new poker players find traditional games like Stud and Draw poker boring and uneventful. Fortunately for them, there are other games that have much more action and excitement. Wild card games definitely up the ante when it comes to thrills, as big hands are much more likely along with explosive pots. Read on to learn wild card poker rules:


Baseball plays like Seven Card Stud except that threes and nines are wild, and all players who receive a four at any point in the hand get another card at the end.

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Countdown is a twist on normal poker variations - a wild card is introduced on the last betting round of the game.

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Criss Cross Wild

Criss Cross Wild deals each player four hole cards and offers five community cards, one of which is a "wild card"

» Full Criss Cross Wild Rules

Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen plays just like normal Seven Card Stud, but all Queens are wild, and in certain cases other cards can become wild cards as well.

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Slot Machine

Slot Machine is very similar to Omaha, as players each receive four hole cards. However, there are a total of nine community cards including wild cards.

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Wild Hex

Wild Hex is a game where each player receives four hole cards, and there are seven community cards in the middle, one of which is wild.

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